ProMix PD2K Proportioners

ProMix PD2K Proportioners 

Positive Displacement Proportioning System

100% Positive Displacement Technology for accurate mix ratios and consistent performance

The ProMix PD2K mixes the material close to the gun so the flush zone is significantly smaller. This allows customers to use less paint, spend less on disposal costs and allows for faster color changes. And because there is limited mixed material in the system, the ProMix PD2K is ideal for short pot life materials. It is also compatible with acid-based materials.

Graco has specific ProMix proportioners that are designed to manage tough acid catalyst applications like cabinetry and bar counter tops. The corrosion resistance fluid section, plus the smart fluid plate with 316 and 17-4 SST catalyst sections, can easily handle strong acid catalysts.

Features :

  • Up to 80% reduction in flushing waste over the most efficient traditional proportioning systems
  • Limited mixed material in the system – great for short pot life materials
  • Faster color changes and less material to flush mean less waste and less downtime
  • Stalls under pressure for consistent, on-ratio results (within 1% accuracy)
  • Proportion both epoxy and urethane with ONE system
  • Manage up to 30 colors and 4 catalysts with 2 or 4 dosing pumps
  • Field serviceable in less than 20 minutes – no need for costly factory rebuilds like gear pumps

Specifications :

ProMix PD2K Electronic Proportioner
Maximum fluid working pressure:
Systems with Low-Pressure Pumps
2.1 MPa, 21 bar
Systems with High-Pressure Pumps
10.5 MPa, 105 bar
Air Spray Systems
2.1 MPa, 21 bar
Air-Assisted Spray Systems
10.5 MPa, 105 bar
Maximum working air pressure:
0.7 MPa, 7.0 bar
Air supply:
0.6–0.7 MPa, (6.0–7.0 bar)
Air filter inlet size:
3/8 npt(f)
Air filtration for air logic (user-supplied):
5 micron (minimum) filtration required; clean and dry air
Air filtration for atomizing air (user-supplied):
30 micron (minimum) filtration required; clean and dry air
Mixing ratio range:
0.1:1 — 50:1, ±1%
Fluids handled:
one or two component solvent and waterborne paints, polyurethanes, epoxies, acid catalyzed varnishes, moisture sensitive isocyanates
Viscosity range of fluid:
20–5000 centipoise
Fluid filtration (user-supplied):
100 mesh minimum
Maximum fluid flow:
800 cc/minute (depending on material viscosity)
Fluid outlet size:
1/4 npt(m)
External power supply requirements:
90 – 250 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 7 amps maximum draw. 15 amp maximum circuit breaker required. 8 to 14 AWG power supply wire gauge
Operating temperature range
2 to 50°C
Storage temperature range:
–20 to 70°C
Weight (approximate):
88 kg
Sound data:
Less than 75 dB(A)
Wetted parts:
17–4PH, 303, 304 SST, Tungsten carbide (with nickel binder), perfluoroelastomer; PTFE, PPS, UHMWPE
Pumps sold separately; see selected pump manual for wetted parts information.
MC1000 and MC2000
17–4PH, 303, 304 SST, Tungsten carbide (with nickel binder), perfluoroelastomer; PTFE, PPS, UHMWPE
MC3000 and MC4000
316 SST, 17–4PH SST, PEEK, perfluoroelastomer; PTFE, PPS, UHMWPE
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