President 4-Ball Pump

President 4-Ball Pump 

Low Shear Circulating Pump

High volume circulating pumps for large flow requirements while operating at low cycle rates

Graco’s high volume circulating pumps will allow you to handle large flow requirements while operating at low cycle rates. The pump lower requires fewer cycles per gallon and longer intervals between seal replacement.

Features :

  • Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel and carbon steel wetted parts for a wide range of fluids
  • Large porting for excellent priming and handling of high viscosity fluids
  • Low cost of ownership

Sealed 4-Ball Lowers

  • No TSL required
  • Ultralife Series ceramic coating holds up to the harshest materials, including waterborne paints
  • Completely sealed fluid section can be used almost anywhere, including catalyst and moisture sensitive materials
  • Compatible with existing Bulldog, NXT, President, Viscount, E-Flo, and E-Flo DC motors
  • Open wet cup version is also available

Specifications :

President 4–Ball Pump
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure
32.0 bar, 3.2 MPa
Air Consumption
See performance charts in President 4–Ball Pump manual.
Maximum Fluid Temperature Rating
Air Inlet Size
1/2 npt(f)
Fluid Inlet Size
1–1/2 npt(f)
Fluid Outlet Size
1 npt(f)
Wetted Parts
See 4–Ball Lower manual.
Maximum Air Input Pressure
Models 24H627, 24H628, 24J074, 24J075
10.0 bar, 1.0 MPa
Models 24H629, 24H997
12.0 bar, 1.2 MPa
Fluid Flow at 60 cpm
Models 24H627, 24H628, 24J074, 24J075
36.4 lpm
Models 24H629, 24H997
53.5 lpm
Output per Cycle
Models 24H627, 24H628, 24J074, 24J075
610 cc
Models 24H629, 24H997
890 cc
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