PCF Metering System

PCF Metering System 

Precision Continuous Flow Metering and Dispense System

Advanced closed-loop technology assures a precise, continuous flow of material

Reduces material waste with superior flow control

Used in conjunction with a material supply system and robotics platform, the Graco PCF Metering System assures a precise, continuous flow of material. Closed-loop technology provides real-time adjustments for changes in material temperatures, viscosities, dispense rates or robot speeds – providing your operation with a highly precise, continuous dispense. System components include: Advanced Display Module, Fluid Plate, Graco CAN Cable and Gateway.

Handles a range of materials:

• Ambient, warm melt and hot melt materials to 400°F (204°C)
• Low to high viscosity materials
• Unlimited volume

For drivetrain gasketing, the Graco Dispense Analyzer helps you find and correct the smallest of errors – before your customers find them for you.

Features :

The next generation of precision metering

  • Closed-loop “real-time” control ensures a precise, continuous dispense – improves part quality and reduces material waste
  • Intuitive user interface simplifies setup, reduces training time
  • Integrated USB interface for easy data downloads – allows for further analysis of process data
  • Multiple gun capabilities for additional productivity – lets you program up to four guns
  • Compact modular design – easy to install, integrate and maintain
  • Low cost of ownership – fewer wear parts compared to shot meters

Specifications :

Minumum Flow Rates
25 cc/min with high-resolution (ambient) helical flow meter, 50 cc/min with heated helical flow meter
Maximum Flow Rates
7500 cc/min with high-resolution (ambient) helical flow meter, 22,500 cc/min with heated helical flow meter, 37,500 cc/min with separate flow meter
Minimum Fluid Working Pressure (at regulator outlet)
0.7 MPa/7.0 bar
Air Supply Pressure Range
0.4 – 0.8 MPa/4.1 – 8.3 bar, 10 Micron filtration required
Fluid Filtration Required
500 micron minimum
Viscosity Range of Fluids
10000 to 1000000 cps with helical flow meter
Minimum Dispensed Shot Size
3 cc with high-resolution (ambient) helical flow meter, 6 cc with heated helical flow meter
Wetted Parts (meters and fluid plates)
303, 304, 321, 17–4 stainless steel, tungsten carbide, PTFE, steel, fluoroelastomer
Power Supply Voltage Range
100–240 Vac, 50–60 Hz, single phase
Operating Humidity Range
0 – 90% non-condensing
Operating Temperature Range
Control Center
4°C to 49°C
Heated Fluid Plate
4°C to 204°C
204 CAmbient Fluid Plate
4°C to 49°C
Power Requirements
100–240 Vac
full load 1.4A, fuse rating-2.5A
240 Vac
full load-4A, fuse rating-4A
Maximum Fluid working pressure
Feed Pressure to Fluid Plate (cartridge regulator)
41.1 MPa/414 bar
Feed Pressure to Fluid Plate (mastic regulator)
34.5 MPa/345 bar
At regulator outlet
31.0 MPa/310 bar
At regulator outlet with electric heat components
24.1 MPa/241 bar
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