E-Flo 4-Ball Piston Pumps

E-Flo 4-Ball Piston Pumps 

Electric Circulating Pumps

Dual lower, 4-ball electric drive circulating pump

Get the benefits of a piston pump with the energy efficiency of an electric drive unit!

The dual lower of the E-Flo electric circulating pump minimizes pressure changes at the outlet of the pump. Online maintenance simplifies repair and reduces downtime. Accomplish remote monitoring of performance via computer or PLC for a higher degree of control.

Features :

  • Online maintenance simplifies repair and reduces downtime
  • 3 times more efficient than pneumatics
  • Process control and feedback
  • Slow smooth change overs
  • Low noise
  • Enclosed wet cup minimizes operator interaction for reduced maintenance

Sealed 4-Ball Lowers

  • No TSL required
  • Ultralife Series ceramic coating holds up to the harshest materials, including waterborne paints
  • Completely sealed fluid section can be used almost anywhere, including catalyst and moisture sensitive materials
  • Compatible with existing Bulldog, NXT, President, Viscount, E-Flo, and E-Flo DC motors
  • Open wet cup version is also available

Specifications :

E-Flo 4–Ball Piston Pumps
Maximum Working Pressure
E-Flo 1500
29.3 bar, 2.93 MPa
E-Flo 2000
32.2 bar, 3.22 MPa
E-Flo 3000
23.1 bar, 2.31 MPa
E-Flo 4000
17.5 bar, 1.75 MPa
E-Flo Pumps
Maximum Fluid Temperature
Ambient Temperature Range
Maximum Fluid Output
See E—Flo Pump Instruction Manual.
Fluid Inlet and Outlet Size
2 in Tri-Clamp
Gear Reducer Oil Capacity
1.9 l
Required Gear Reducer Lubricant
ISO VG220 grade oil (Graco Part No. 288414)
Gear Reduction Ratio
Weight (pump with motor and 2000 cc lowers)
249 kg
Wetted Parts
300 Series Stainless Steel, 17–4 PH Stainless Steel, CV-75, PTFE. See lower pump manual for additional wetted parts.
Electrical Requirements
European Models
230/400 Vac, 3 phase, 20 A/15 A
North American Models
230/460 Vac, 3 phase, 20 A/15 A
Electric Motor
E-Flo 1500
3 HP, 1800 rpm (60 Hz) or 1500 rpm (50 Hz), NEMA 182 TC Frame
E-Flo 2000/3000/4000
5 HP, 1800 rpm (60 Hz) or 1500 rpm (50 Hz), NEMA 184 TC Frame
Maximum Production Motor Speed
1800 rpm (60 Hz) or 1500 rpm (50 Hz)
Maximum Motor Torque, E-Flo 1500
12.3 N•m
Maximum Motor Torque, E-Flo 2000/3000/4000
20.3 N•m
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