Air Spray Waterborne Isolation System

The simple and reliable way to isolate waterborne coatings

The Graco WB100 is the dependable way to isolate waterborne coatings when spraying with electrostatic equipment. Ideal for spray booth systems.

Features :

  • Ideal for low pressure waterborne material spraying with the Pro Xp60 WB gun for a superior finish quality and operator comfort
  • Triton 1:1 150 Series pump delivers a consistent spray pattern and uniform film thickness
  • Standard voltage display allows for easy monitoring of voltage for overall performance
  • Simple 5 gallon (19 l) pail design is easy to color change and flush the system
  • Electrostatic gun Smart Controls help you analyze performance, adapt to your voltage needs and make troubleshooting easier
  • Portable cabinet increases mobility for a wide variety of applications

Specifications :

WB100 Waterborne Isolation Stand
Maximum Working Fluid Pressure
7.0 bar, 0.7 MPa
Maximum Working Air Pressure
7.0 bar, 0.7 MPa
Minimum Air Pressure at Gun Inlet
2.8 bar, 0.28 MPa
Maximum Fluid Operating Temperature
Paint Resistivity Range
3 megohm-cm to infinity
Short Circuit Current Output
125 microamperes
Gun Air Inlet Fitting, left hand thread
1/4 npsm(m)
Gun Fluid Inlet Fitting
custom inlet for Graco waterborne fluid hose
Gun Weight
788 gm
Gun Length
28.2 cm
Isolation Enclosure Air Inlet Fitting
1/4 npt
Isolation Enclosure Fluid Inlet Fitting
10 mm OD tube
Isolation Enclosure Weight
56.3 kg
Isolation Enclosure Height
1118 mm
Isolation Enclosure Width
610 mm
Isolation Enclosure Depth
737 mm
Voltage Output Energy
With fluid hose 246431 installed
0.35 J
Models 244581, 245301
60 kV
Models 244582, 245305
30–60 kV
Noise Data
Sound power at 40 psi (0.28 MPa, 2.8 bar)
90.4 dB(A)
Sound power at 100 psi (0.7 MPa, 7 bar)
105.4 dB(A)
Sound pressure at 40 psi (0.28 MPa, 2.8 bar)
87 dB(A)
Sound pressure at 100 psi (0.7 MPa, 7 bar)
99 dB(A)
Wetted Parts
Stainless Steel, Nylon, Acetal, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, Fluoroelastomer, PEEK, Tungsten Wire, Polyethylene
Waterborne Fluid Hose
Suction Tube
Polyethylene, Stainless Steel
Triton Pump
See Triton Pump manual.
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