PGM Metering System

PGM Metering System 

Precision gear metering and dispense system for superior bead control

Boost productivity with PGM’s superior bead control and high flow rates

The Graco PGM Metering System delivers a smooth, consistent bead dispense – even with high-viscosity materials. And because it also provides higher flow rates, manufacturing facilities can dramatically improve production capacity and ROI.

Ideally suited for:
• Solar panel manufacturing
• Automotive windshield manufacturing

Handles a range of materials:
• Ambient, warm melt and hot melt materials to 400°F (204°C)
• Low to high-viscosity materials
• Unlimited volume

Features :

Improve your production capacity with PGM’s high flow rates

  • Provides high flow rates:
    • Up to 600 cc/min for ambient materials
    • Up to 300 cc/min for high viscosity hot melt materials
  • Smooth, consistent bead dispense – even at high flow rates
  • Offers clean starts and stops for less material waste
  • Bead control saves material costs
  • Wrist-mountable design assures precise dosing control
  • Touch-screen controls are easy to use, easy to integrate

Specifications :

Volume Repeatability
+/- 1%
Minimum Flow Rate
6 cc/rev model: 30 cc/min, 20 cc/rev model: 40 cc/min
Maximum Flow Rate
6 cc/rev model: 8 cc, 20 cc/rev model: 10 cc
Maximum Fluid Working Inlet Pressure
10.3 MPa/103 bar
Maximum Fluid Working Outlet Pressure
17.2 MPa/172 bar
Air Supply Pressure Range
60–100 psi (filtration required)
Fluid Filtration Required
up to 200 mesh, depending on viscosity
Viscosity Range of Fluids
1,000 — 1,000,000 Poise
Wetted Parts
Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Chrome, Carbide, Acetal Plastic, PTFE, Chemical Resistant O-Rings
Power Requirements
Full Load: 18.5A, Fuse Rating: 21A
Power Supply Voltage Range
240VAC, 50–60 Hz, single phase
Sound Pressure Level at Maximum Flow Rate
6 cc/rev model: 58 dB(A), 20 cc/rev model: 72 dB(A)
Sound Power Level at Maximum Flow Rate
6 cc/rev model: 68 dB(A), 20 cc/rev model: 79 dB(A)
Operating Humidity Range
10 – 90% non-condensing
Overall Dimensions
6 cc/rev Model
50.17 H x 23.83 W x 16.76 D mm
20 cc/rev Model
55.25 H x 24.13 W x 22.6 D mm
76.2 H x 60.96 W x 30.48 D mm
6 cc/revModel
13.61 kg
20 cc/rev Model
27.22 kg
45.36 kg
Operating Temperature Range
4 to 40 °C
Heated Pump
4 to 204 °C
Ambient Pump
4 to 49 °C
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