Paint Fluid Heaters

Paint Fluid Heaters 

Viscon HP Heater Modules

Variable heating levels for consistent viscosity control

Circulation fluid heater kits maintain optimal temperatures to provide consistent control of fluid viscosity. With a temperature operating range of 84°F to 219°F (29-104°C), Viscon heaters are excellent for heating materials in paint circulation systems. Stainless steel design resists corrosion, and is compatible with most materials.

Specifications :


Viscon HP Heater Modules
Maximum fluid working pressure
2.1 MPa, 21 bar
Maximum operating temperature
Maximum heater voltage and
Part No. 239850: 120 VAC, 19.2 Ampere Part No. 241883: 200 VAC, 20.0 Ampere Part No. 239851 and 239852: 240 VAC, 16.7 Ampere
Wetted parts
Fluid Heater: See heater manual 309524. Fluid Fittings: Stainless steel. Fluid Hoses: Nylon
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