Merkur X48 Airless Sprayer

Merkur X48 Airless Sprayer 

High-Pressure Airless Sprayers for Protective Coatings

Portable, lightweight sprayer for a wide range of protective coatings projects

The Merkur Airless Sprayer offers a unique combination of power and portability. Capable of spraying medium to high solids materials at pressures up to 4800 psi, the Merkur series handles a wide range of hot potted protective coatings applications.

Features :

  • Portable and lightweight – weighs just 99 pounds (45 kgs) and easy to maneuver
  • Compact size lets you spray in the smallest areas
  • Ideal for one-gun applications using up to 0.025 in tip
  • Powerful – sprays medium to high solids coating materials at pressures up to 4800 psi (330 bar)
  • Affordable – get high quality results with minimal investment
  • Flexible – ideal for a wide range of applications, including marine, rail and steel fabrication

Specifications :

Merkur High Pressure Sprayer
Maximum pump air inlet pressure
0.7 MPa, 7 bar
Ambient air temperature range
Maximum fluid temperature
Sound data
See Merkur Air Motor Technical Data
45 kg
Maximum fluid working pressure
16U920, 16V175
33 MPa, 330 bar
16U918, 16V174
50 MPa, 500 bar
16U920, 16V175
16U918, 16V174
Wetted Parts
Displacement pump
Stainless steel, plated carbon steel, tungsten carbide with 6% nickel, UHMWPE, PTF
Spray gun
See manual XTR guns technical data
Fluid hoses
Suction assembly
carbon steel, aluminum, nylon
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