High Pressure Fluid Filters

High Pressure Fluid Filters 

Stainless Steel High Pressure Fluid Filters

Corrosion resistant fluid filters for catalyst and waterborne materials

All stainless steel construction with PTFE o-ring and polyethylene screen support. Resists corrosion from waterborne materials, catalyzed varnishes and other fluids not compatible with carbon steel or aluminum. Polyethylene support prevents screen collapse for maximum performance.

Features :

Ordering Information

223160 Filter assembly, 60 mesh
238435 30 mesh filter, 3-pack
238436 30 mesh filter, 25-pack
238437 60 mesh filter, 3-pack
238438 60 mesh filter, 25-pack
238439 100 mesh filter, 3-pack
238440 100 mesh filter, 25-pack
238441 200 mesh filter, 3-pack
238442 200 mesh filter, 25-pack
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